Multiply Your Mocap With Megamotion!

Megamotion exists to serve independent filmmakers and animators, on limited budgets, in quickly and easily assembling moving crowd scenes for their projects.

(Click here for a more detailed explanation.)

Megamotion works by clipping short loops out of user-provided motion capture files, and then using these clips to navigate actors around the virtual world, applying state of the art navigation (Recast), physics (PhysX), and AI tools. Results are exported as BVH files.

Megamotion Features

  • Recast/Detour Navmeshes
  • PhysX Ragdoll Physics Simulation
  • Multi-Agent Steering (OpenSteer)
  • Scripted Behavior Trees (BadBehavior)
  • SQLite Scene Storage
  • C-like Scripting Language
  • Open Source C++ Game Engine
  • Entire CMU motion dataset

You can

Download the Free Trial Version here


Purchase A –$299–  $99 Indie License of Megamotion here

(see our License Page for details)

Finally, before you buy, be sure to download our sample BVH file to make certain Megamotion’s output will work for you.

To learn how to use the program, visit the Tutorial Videos page.

Questions may be directed to: chris @