Welcome to MegaMotion!

MegaMotion is an indie-friendly crowd animation solution (for Windows*). MegaMotion uses a set of common tools and techniques from the game industry to generate CGI character motion, for film or other animation applications.     *(soon to support Mac and Linux)

These tools include:

  • Multi-Agent Steering
  • Scripted Behavior Trees
  • Recast/Detour Navmeshes
  • Ragdoll Physics Simulation
  • SQLite Scene Storage
  • C-like Scripting Language
  • Open Source C++ Game Engine
  • Import/Export to BVH file format

You can Purchase A $99 Indie License of MegaMotion (see our License Page for details) or Download the Free Trial Version first to make sure it works for you. You can also access MegaMotion on github. Finally, before you buy, be sure to download our sample BVH file to make certain our output will work for you.

Please be aware that MegaMotion is very new and is still under active development. If you see any problems, don’t freak out, just report them on our github page and we’ll do our best to get them resolved.

To learn how to use the program, visit our Tutorial Videos page. (Don’t worry, more docs are on the way!)

Questions may be directed to: info@megamotionsoftware.com